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2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues

2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues
2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues

2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues    2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues

2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues. 2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All Comic Book Prog Issues 13 All 13 issues featuring cover art by Simon Bisley 556 A. 2000 AD Judge Dredd Comic Issues aka Progs - Judge Dredd's 1st appearance was in Prog 2 1977. 2000AD is the most famous and most popular award winning British comic. 2000AD is a weekly British science fiction and fantasy comic magazine.

2000AD was first published in 1977. 2000 AD is best known for its Judge Dredd stories, and has been contributed to by a number of artists and writers are renowned in the field internationally, such as Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Grant Morrison, Brian Bolland and Mike McMahon, Neil Gaiman and Carlos Ezquerra. Other characters in 2000 AD include Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, Slaine, the ABC Warriors, Judge Death, the Dark Judges, Judge Anderson, Judge Hershey, Halo Jones and more. Starlord, with its higher cover price, was cancelled after 22 issues and merged with 2000 AD in issue 86 of that title.

Its last issue was dated 7 October 1978. 2000 AD's line-up was strengthened by the merger: Strontium Dog became one of its most popular and long-running series; and Ro-Busters continued on in 2000 AD for a while and led to an enduring spin-off, ABC Warriors, which still features today.

Timequake also briefly featured in issues 148 to 151. Starlord was fully integrated with 2000 AD with issue 127 in August 1979 and the Starlord was removed from the cover in prog 127 when 2000AD merged with Tornado too and became even stronger! Judge Joseph Dredd is a fictional character created by writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra.

He first appeared in the second issue of 2000 AD (1977), a weekly anthology comic magazine. He is the magazine's longest-running character. He also appears in a number of movie and video game adaptations. Judge Death is a fictional character of the Judge Dredd stories in the UK comic 2000 AD. He is the leader of the Dark Judges, a sinister group of undead law enforcers from the alternate dimension of Deadworld, where all life has been declared a crime since only the living commit crimes. He is also an arch-enemy to Judge Dredd.

After years of appearing in Judge Dredd stories, he later got his own series in the Judge Dredd Megazine and in 2000 AD. Judge Cassandra Anderson is a fictional law enforcer and psychic appearing in the British science fiction comics 2000 AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine. Created by writer John Wagner and artist Brian Bolland, Anderson made her debut as a supporting character in the Judge Dredd story "Judge Death" (2000 AD #150, February 1980).

The character's popularity with readers led to her starring in her own series, Anderson: Psi-Division, which (since 1988) has been written almost exclusively by Alan Grant, often working with artist Arthur Ranson until 2005; Boo Cook drew a majority of the stories until 2012, since which a number of different artists have worked on the strip. In 2012 the character appeared in the film Dredd, played by Olivia Thirlby.

The Dark Judges are recurring villains in the Judge Dredd science fiction comic strip in the UK comic 2000 AD. They also appear in the 2003 computer game Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. They are Judge Death, Judge Fire, Judge Fear, and Judge Mortis. Later storylines added the "Sisters of Death" (Phobia and Nausea) to their ranks.

Former Judge Kraken was also a Dark Judge for a brief time during the Necropolis story. In Great Britain, the character of Dredd and his name are sometimes invoked in discussions of police states, authoritarianism, and the rule of law. Rogue Trooper is a science fiction strip in the British comic 2000 AD, created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons in 1981.

It follows the adventures of Rogue, a "Genetic Infantryman", a genetically engineered, blue-skinned, super soldier and his three comrades' search for the Traitor General. His comrades are in the form of biochips - onto which a GIs entire personality is downloaded at the time of death for later retrieval - and are named Gunnar (mounted on Rogue's rifle), Bagman (on his backpack) and Helm (on his helmet). He is genetically engineered to be immune to almost all known toxins, can submerge in strong acid unaffected, and is able to withstand a vacuum in his bare skin.

The story is initially set on the planet Nu-Earth, where a war of attrition between the Norts and Southers is being fought. There is some similarity to both the American Civil War and to World War I, with the Norts resembling Germany, and the Southers the Allied forces. During the conflict, the use of chemical and biological weapons have poisoned the planet's atmosphere and oceans. As a result, what remains of the population of the planet, including the troops of both sides, live in enclosed domed military bases and habitats. HOT NEWS Summer 2020 - Duncan Jones best known for directing the films Moon (2009), Source Code (2011), Warcraft (2016) and Mute (2018). For Moon, he won the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer. He is the son of English singer-songwriter David Bowie. Filmmaker and all around cool dude has confirmed that his script for the upcoming live-action film adaptation of 2000 AD's Rogue Trooper is DONE. You'll get the 2000AD item(s) in the title. ADD MULTIPLE ITEMS TO YOUR BASKET AND GET A DISCOUNT AT CHECKOUT TOO. TAP to send me list of 2000AD comics needed. Check out my auctions for more comics! 2000AD and Judge Dredd are the masterpieces of incredibly creative minds that have given us 1000s of unmissable stories.

Progs featuring amazing characters like Judge Dredd, Anderson, Death and the Dark Judges, Rogue Trooper and Strontium Dog. 2000AD features award-wining epics in fantastic settings ranging from science fiction, dark future to myth and legend. These classics have also featured on screen, radio, podcasts, chart-topping songs, stage and in computer games.

Just a few of the leading creatives delivering these enthralling and ultimately addictive thrills to you, the reader, are. John Wagner, Pat Mills, Steve Dillon, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Mark Millar, Garth Ennis, Brian Bolland and Carlos Ezquerra. Own, enjoy, treasure and make the thrill power contained in the pages of 2000AD part of your life. Free random 2000AD trading card with every order Free gifts, inserts and extras like posters are only included if stated in the listing title. 2000AD Comic Book Issues Prog Programme Number No # also for sale. Come again for more in the series. Sorry, no collections or visitors. Search for 200AD Comics by year and issue banned. TAP > send me list of 2000AD comics needed. 1977 2000AD Prog 1 to 2000AD Prog 45. 1978 2000AD Prog 46 to 2000AD Prog 93. 1979 2000AD Prog 94 to 2000AD Prog 145.

1980 2000AD Prog 146 to 2000AD Prog 192. 1981 2000AD Prog 193 to 2000AD Prog 244. 1982 2000AD Prog 245 to 2000AD Prog 296.

1983 2000AD Prog 297 to 2000AD Prog 349. 1984 2000AD Prog 350 to 2000AD Prog 398. 1985 2000AD Prog 399 to 2000AD Prog 450. 1986 2000AD Prog 451 to 2000AD Prog 502. 1987 2000AD Prog 503 to 2000AD Prog 554. 1988 2000AD Prog 555 to 2000AD Prog 607. 1989 2000AD Prog 608 to 2000AD Prog 659. 1990 2000AD Prog 660 to 2000AD Prog 711. 1991 2000AD Prog 712 to 2000AD Prog 763. 1992 2000AD Prog 764 to 2000AD Prog 815. 1993 2000AD Prog 816 to 2000AD Prog 866.

1994 2000AD Prog 867 to 2000AD Prog 920. 1995 2000AD Prog 921 to 2000AD Prog 972. 1996 2000AD Prog 973 to 2000AD Prog 1023.

1997 2000AD Prog 1024 to 2000AD Prog 1075. 1998 2000AD Prog 1076 to 2000AD Prog 1125. 1999 2000AD Prog 1126 to 2000AD Prog 1173. 2000 2000AD Prog 1174 to 2000AD Prog 1222.

2001 2000AD Prog 1223 to 2000AD Prog 1272. 2002 2000AD Prog 1273 to 2000AD Prog 1321. 2003 2000AD Prog 1322 to 2000AD Prog 1370.

2004 2000AD Prog 1371 to 2000AD Prog 1419. 2005 2000AD Prog 1420 to 2000AD Prog 1468. 2006 2000AD Prog 1469 to 2000AD Prog 1517. 2007 2000AD Prog 1518 to 2000AD Prog 1566.

2008 2000AD Prog 1567 to 2000AD Prog 1616. 2009 2000AD Prog 1617 to 2000AD Prog 1665. 2010 2000AD Prog 1666 to 2000AD Prog 1714. 2011 2000AD Prog 1715 to 2000AD Prog 1763. 2012 2000AD Prog 1764 to 2000AD Prog 1812. 2013 2000AD Prog 1813 to 2000AD Prog 1861.

2014 2000AD Prog 1862 to 2000AD Prog 1911. 2015 2000AD Prog 1912 to 2000AD Prog 1962.

2016 2000AD Prog 1963 to 2000AD Prog 2014. 2017 2000AD Prog 2015 to 2000AD Prog 2061.

2018 2000AD Prog 2062 to 2000AD Prog 2111. 2019 2000AD Prog 2112 to 2000AD Prog 2162. 2020 2000AD Prog 2163 to 2000AD Prog Present. I provide auctions of truly vintage 2000ad Comics that are of high quality and lasting value, showing the best and most typical characteristics of the Galaxy's Greatest Comic.

The picture(s) used is one of stock images and may differ in condition to one(s) you get. I have thousands of comic books and do not have time to take pictures of them all. The book(s) you get come from my private collection and have been extremely well cared for.

They are from a smoke free home. If there's ever a problem please contact me before leaving any feedback and I will do my best to help. The book you will get will be at least VG / Excellent but most like Grade 4 to 5. FN to VFN+ I always send the best that I have available. Picture is either the item on sale, or part of my stock image.

Excellent Condition (at least Very Good to Very Fine). 1st Comic bagged and boarded for free. Optional quality upgrade to ensure you get the best available. Vibrant smooth, flat, supple pages.

Good spine, minor wear n tear if any and nice staples. Bright, bold colours against cream / off-white pages. No big tears over an inch, no tape, no big chunks missing.

Rare original 1st print, unrestored and unmodified. Signs of age like small nicks/ rips. Read, well cared for and loved. A must have in your collection.

Grades from 1 to 5. Damaged issues, gap fillers and reading issues. Missing page, big piece cut out, large tear, possible spine damage etc.

A personal reading copy not an attractive gift. Nice used reading issues with obvious sings of long-term use. All pages and the cover are present. There may be writing in and on the book like the newsagent's name. No tears bigger than an inch. May have a piece missing no bigger than an inch. 3 Very Good / Excellent. Above average used comic that got small signs of wear and tear. May have a small piece missing no bigger than 1/2 inch. A copy that has been read but remains in very good condition. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact. The spine may show signs of wear. There may be one a small piece of writing something on the book like a name. No rips or tears bigger than half an inch. Normal only one small defect that stop it from being a higher grade. A very good investment or gift. Looks very good for age in my opinion. 4 Fine / Very Fine/ Lovely.

Very little or no noticeable damage. Some small signs of age, small nicks etc but flat, clean and complete.

Very clean and bright with only slight tanning. A copy that has been read but is in excellent condition.

Pages are not written on. Minor nicks no bigger than 1/2 inch. An excellent investment or gift. Attractive and desirable in my opinion.

4 - 5 Very Fine / Near Mint / Exceptional. Nearly Like New in beautiful condition for age. Very attractive and desirable in my opinion. No creasing or writing on cover.

No nicks bigger than 1/8 inch. Almost like new: considering its age There may be one additional piece of wear in the listed grades above. It is not an exact science and all books are different.

TAP send me list of 2000AD comics needed. Books are properly packed and sent in professional hard card board book mailers. Items are photographed, filmed and witnessed at the time of packing and in the post office.

Peace of mind, an enjoyable experience and an invite to a private collectors group. Contact me for more information. Video Credit Mr H Reviews. 2000AD Deadlock Comic Book Issues.

Video will open in a new window. 2000AD Comics Judge Dredd Explained. 2000AD Judge Dredd Comic Book Issues. 2000AD Comics Durham Red Explained. 2000AD Durham Red Comic Book Issues.

2000AD Comics Judge Anderson Explained. 2000AD Judge Anderson Comic Book Issues. 2000AD Comics Judge Death Explained.

2000AD Judge Death Comic Book Issues. 2000AD Comics Nemesis The Warlock Explained Video Credit Mr H Reviews. 2000AD Nemesis The Warlock Comic Book Issues.

2000AD Comics Rico Dredd Explained. 2000AD Rico Dredd Comic Book Issues. 2000AD Comics Rogue Trooper Explained. 2000AD Rogue Trooper Comic Book Issues.

2000AD Comics Slaine - Sláine Macroth 2000AD Explored. 2000AD Slaine Comic Book Issues. 2000AD Comics Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha Explained. 2000AD Strontium Dog Comic Book Issues. 2000AD Comics ABC Warriors Explained.

2000AD ABC Warriors Comic Book Issues. 2000AD Comics The Cursed Earth Judge Dredd Explained.

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  1. Format: Single Issue
  2. Features: Dust Jacket, 1st Edition
  3. Universe: 2000 AD
  4. Genre: War, Vampire, Superheroes, Science Fiction, Pulp, Post Apocalypse, Occult, Mystery, Movie Adaptation, Movie & TV, Monster, Military, Mecha, Humor/Satire, Horror & Sci-Fi, Historical & Mythological, Heroic Fantasy, Gothic, Folklore, Fiction, Fantasy & Mystery, Fantasy, Drama, Cyberpunk, Crime & Thriller, Cosmic, Action/Adventure, Action
  5. Series: 2000AD
  6. Character: Judge Dredd
  7. Type: Comic Book
  8. Publisher: Rebellion
  9. Artist/Writer: Various, Thargh the Mighty
  10. Tradition: UK Comics
  11. Signed: No
  12. Personalised: No
  13. Language: Spanish, Mixed Languages, Italian, German, French, English
  14. Vintage: Yes
  15. Title: 2000 AD
  16. Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  17. Style: Partial Colour
  18. Cover Artist: Various
  19. Intended Audience: General Audience
  20. Issue Number: See title
  21. Custom Bundle: Yes
  22. Bundle Description: Comics
  23. Ebay Seller ID: *Happy*Chap*
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2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues    2000AD Simon Bisley Cover Art Complete Collection All 13 Comic Book Prog Issues